• Nancy Han


Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Here are some things that you should do and what you should expect during recruitment. The PNM and Chapter code of ethics are also included.

What Will Chapter Ask Me and What Should I Talk About?

Some common questions that chapters will ask you are the 5F's.

Family/Friends: You will be asked about your friends and family. Example: What do you like to do with you friends?

Fun: What do you like to do for fun?

First: You will be asked about the first time you have done things or some of your experiences.

From: Where are you from?

Favorites: What are you favorite activities?

Chapters just want to get to know you and connect! Relax and have fun!


PNM Code of Ethics

As a PNM, you should understand the expectations of your actions and behaviors during Primary Recruitment. Please review the following and make sure you understand what is expected of you!

  1. A PNM shall attend recruitment orientation and all membership recruitment events for which they receive invitations

  2. Respect for the membership recruitment process is expected at all times. This includes towards chapter members, Rho Gammas, Panhellenic Officers, Faculty and Staff and other PNMS

  3. A PNM should never be rude towards any of the above listed parties

  4. A PNM should never make disparaging remarks about any sorority or sorority member unless stated in a formal complaint

  5. Participating in recruitment via Zoom means that cameras should be on and respect should be of the utmost importance when meeting with chapters/chapter members

  6. A PNM should understand that if she is found responsible for disrespectful behavior or action, she can be removed from the recruitment process

  7. A PNM has a right to a positive process and has the right to report biased/discriminatory/unjust actions or words to the PHA VP of Recruitment

Chapter Code of Ethics

We also have a system in which to hold sorority chapters responsible. If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable or compromising situation, you have the right to report chapter or chapter member behavior.

  1. During the 2 weeks of Primary Recruitment, chapters and chapter members should not have private contact with PNMS outside of an event (ex: snapchatting or texting a PNM)

  2. All conversations should be values based and not mention illegal or illicit activities

  3. Under no circumstance should a chapter or chapter member allude, explicitly or implicitly, that a PNM is guaranteed membership- AKA Bid Promising

  4. All chapters should be respectful and accommodating to all PNMs. Any chapter found responsible for biased/discriminatory behavior will be punished.

  5. Chapters have the right for PNMs to act with respect and dignity and have the right to report any behavior they deem unacceptable by a PNM to the PHA VP of Recruitment

  6. Chapters are expected to promoted Panhellenic unity and should never speak ill of another chapter on campus.

The biggest takeaway that you should have from this blog is that you, a PNM, should treat chapter members with respect and chapter members should treat you with respect. Primary recruitment is meant to be a positive experience where a PNM finds a home in one of our 16 chapters on campus.