• Nancy Han


Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Be Yourself

Each chapter has its own unique personality and we want you to find the place that feels like home. Be who you really are so you can find connections and give yourself the chance to find where you belong

Ask Questions

Recruitment is about finding your place in our community and you are choosing your home just as much as the chapters are choosing you. Do not be afraid to find out the things you value and want to know about.

Use Your Rho Gamma

Rho Gams are here to help you through this process. They have been in your shoes before and they have been trained to answer your questions. Utilize their help and talk through things if you need to.

Make Your Own Decision

It may be tempting to choose the same chapter as your roommate or friend, but this chapter will be in your life for the rest of your life. Make the decision for yourself. These women will welcome your home with open arms wherever you go and you will grow friendships inside and out of the chapter you choose.