• Nancy Han


I know that you probably very familiar with Zoom but here are some tips to prepare for Values and Philanthropy Round!

  1. Camera On! You should always leave your camera on. This shows the recruiter that you are present and interested in the conversation.

  2. Silence Your Phone! Before each event starts, silence your phone and put it away. This way you can focus on your conversation without any distractions.

  3. Stay Engaged! While the recruiter is talking, keep your focus on the screen, like you would for an in-person Round. Show them that you are paying attention to what they have to say through active listening. You can do this by affirming what they say, nodding as they speak and asking questions based on what they say.

  4. Good Lighting! Try to have good solid lighting so chapters can see your body language and facial expressions clearly. This will help both of you connect easier. I would recommend having one steady lamp directed at your face or you can purchase a clip on ring light that you can attach to your laptop. Another option is to sit with your front facing a window to give you good lighting.

  5. Pick a quiet space! Choose an area that is quiet and free of distractions. That way the recruiter can direct their full attention to what you have to say. If both you and your roommate are both going through recruitment, I would recommend that you find separate rooms or use headphones so that your conversations don't interfere with each other.

  6. Charge your laptop! Make sure your laptop is fully charged or keep it plugged in throughout the day.

  7. Find Good Wifi! You want a solid internet connection so you can keep up with the conversation. If your wifi turns out to be shaky sometime throughout the day, don't worry! It happens to everyone at some point! Just let the recruiter know and try turning off your camera, this usually helps improve sound quality.

  8. Snacks and Water! Values Round will be very long. You will be talking to all 16 chapters in the span on 2 days so try to prepare with snacks and water. Try to keep them on your desk or close by so that you can take full advantage of the 10 min breaks between events.

  9. Keep a Notepad Handy! Throughout the day you might want to take notes on your conversations or your favorite chapters. Keep a notepad or sticky notes close so you can jot your thoughts down quickly during your breaks.

  10. Take Full Advantage of Your Breaks! Zoom fatigue is real and Values Round is going to be long. We have built in 10 min breaks between talking to each chapter so try to rest your eyes, drink some water or have a snack.